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We are more than happy to liaise with your Insurance Company 

on your behalf, if you wish to go through with them, to make the process more comfortable for you. Dealing with insurance claims is as much a part of our job as it is repairing damaged vehicles. We’ll take the stress out of your insurance claim, leaving you to relax in the knowledge your insurance claim and your car is in safe hands.

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0% Interest-Free Finance Available

This offer enables you to cover your deductible or out of pocket expenses through a one to six-month unique financing program, allowing you to get that much-needed repair done now.

The 1-6-month finance is available on repairs and service up to £3000 on 0% APR.

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If you were involved in a no-fault accident, you don't have to claim for a repair from your insurance company. 

We are experts in non-fault vehicle claims and can provide you standard, premium, 4x4, LCV or Taxi Courtesy Vehicle.

Make a Claim and we will provide you like for like car within 24 hrs.

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Our body shop has achieved the BSI Kitemark scheme for car body repairs. This is called British Standard BS10125:2014.  It is the industry agreed technical specification for the process of vehicle body repairs. As a result, British Standard BS10125:2014 directs body shops to the achievement of a safe and technically sound repair. We have been awarded this kitemark, so you can be sure that our processes and standards have been audited and have achieved the required levels.

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NBRA sets and monitors its members' operating standards to encourage ethical business behaviour and ensure that customers choosing to use the NBRA approved Bodyshop can have confidence and assurance that they will receive high standards of service. 

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