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We know how important is to take care of the environment and our future generations 
therefore we use environmentally friendly water-based paint systems like Cromax Dupont and Novol in our refinish department. 
Our paint booths systems are high-function booths that minimize energy and fuel usage at the same time providing paint finish quality second to none. We recycle paper, plastic and metals products and doing the best to minimize the carbon footprint we leave on the environment.
We take care of your health very seriously.
The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in other modern car paints contribute to ruptures in the ozone layer. They have been found to disrupt ecosystems in a way that leads to natural disasters. They are damaging to the human brain and are linked to developmental problems in children. In our Body Shop, we use only products that are in compliance with EU Directive 2004/42/CE  and  ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Quality System.


The Underground Garge environmental friendly body and paint shop
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