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If you were involved in a no-fault accident, you don't have to claim for a repair from your insurance company. 
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Claim Now

We are experts in non-fault vehicle claims and can provide you standard, premium, 4x4, LCV or Taxi Courtesy Vehicle.


If the incident was the fault of an identifiable third party, you can provide all details of your no-fault car accident claim via our claim form. We will liaise with the 3rd party insurer and contact your insurance company about the incident.


We can provide a like for like vehicle whether your car is being repaired, or is considered write-off. You will be able to use the courtesy car until your vehicle gets back on the road, or your non-fault claim is paid. 


Remember, it is your choice where your vehicle is repaired, and we can advise you on this process. Choose The Underground Garage for complete peace of mind!


Make a Claim and we will provide you like for like car within 24 hrs.





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