Prestige motor manufacturers are leading the way in aluminium constructed vehicles. 
Aluminium is being used very extensively. It's is stronger than steel, but weighs less, leading to better fuel economy, and when impacted absorbs twice the energy compared with that of steel.
Repairs to aluminium-bodied cars require high levels of expertise and investment. It has to be carried out in a separate environment, away from the potential of contamination from steel particles. 
The Underground Gaage Alluminium Repair Car Body Shop
Tools traditionally used for collision repairs can’t be used for aluminium body repair, and a variety of advanced training is also a must.
If your vehicle has any aluminium panels on it, take care to choose your repair shop wisely. 
Why choose The Underground Garage?

The Underground Garage invests a lot into our team’s education. Our technicians are certified and trained in the lasted aluminium repair techniques and processes.


We are one of only a few of accident repair centres in Scotland that has a dedicated, completely separate enclosed area away for the main workshop with its own dedicated tooling and equipment for aluminium bodywork repairs. 


We’re proud to say that we are leading the way in high-quality aluminium bodywork repairs and can perform complex repairs to the very latest cars with a high aluminium structural content. Our aluminium expertise means we can ensure your safety, protect your investment and maintain your bodywork warranty.